Selection of works for chamber ensemble

limits, for viola and piano (2018)
Recording from the premiere at the Fontainebleau School
limits – score

Quiver, for wind quintet (2018)
Recording of the premiere by Imani Winds

reaching, for string quartet and electronics (2018)
M.A. thesis recording of the premiere by Spektral Quartet

Fragments, for flute, piano, percussion (2017)
Recording of the premiere by members of the University of Chicago New Music Ensemble (presently known as the Grossman Ensemble) – Emma Hospelhorn, John Corkill, and Daniel Pesca

The World is Sound, for two pianos and percussion (2017)
Recording of the premiere at the Yarn/Wire Institute 2017 by pianists Ning Yu (of Yarn/Wire), Ben Havey and percussionists Yudong Wang, Anthony DeMartinis

Natural Inclinations, for flute, violin, viola, piano (2017)
Recording of the premiere at New Music on the Point 2017 by flutist Kenneth Cox, violinist Angela Lamb (of 40/60 Trio), violist John Pickford Richards (of JACK Quartet), and pianist Huizi Zhang

The Universe is Vibrating, for flute, viola, harp (2016)
Recording of the premiere at the University of Chicago by Dal Niente musicians Emma Hospelhorn and Ben Melsky, and Spektral Quartet violist Doyle Armbrust