11’; fl, cl, vln, vc, pno, electronics

duality ii belongs to a collection of pieces that center either on the notion of sonic duality or sonic symmetry, which often become entangled with one another. I am fascinated by the physical and psychoacoustic properties of sound. duality ii explores the rhythm-pitch duality; that is, a pitch, when slowed down enough, becomes a rhythm, and a rhythm, when sped up fast enough, becomes a pitch. This physical principle is literally presented and symbolically represented throughout the piece by means of shaping sounds in ways that may reveal their physical phenomena and make them perceptible. However, the goal is not to know exactly the processes underpinning the music; rather, the goal is to feel the overall physicality of the sound itself.


Written for PinkNoise.
Premiere: November 14, 2019 by PinkNoise at St. John’s in the Village (NYC).

2020 Cortona Prize winner.