7’; carillon

Extensions across; extensions out; extensions through. I deal with extensions throughout this piece in various manifestations, extending the instrument from its lowest range to its highest, as well as extending outward the harmonic information of several bells by means of FFT spectra analysis. This piece was also a way for me to think about the notion of extended cognition. Extending one’s cognition by means of a musical instrument is a normal phenomena, occurring most naturally when the instrument is localized to the musician’s body by means of haptic feedback (e.g. a violin, a clarinet). To think of the carillon as an extension of the carillonneur’s cognition would have massive results: the carillonneur would become a colossal being, expanding their reach to every massive bell within the crevices of the cathedral.

[score and audio are currently unavailable]

Commissioned by Joey Brink for the New Music for Carillon Festival 2018. Premiere: May 26, 2018 by Tiffany Ng at the Rockefeller Chapel, Chicago, IL.